Negation In Triggers (or official no-op workflow)

Description of the feature request

Ability to to have a negation or other logic in the triggers to have trigger fire on all branches except one or except a pattern. Basic regex handling would work well.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We make a PR from dev to master and then immediately merge it (triggering a release build) and rendering the Pull Request build redundant but we want PR builds on all other PR updates. Until now I’ve been manually aborting but I’m going to configure a do nothing workflow although this isn’t the ideal solution.

Alternative approach have an official no-op workflow that triggers no build and doesn’t even have to spin up a worker and prepare the environment before exiting.

Isn’t your goal achievable using skip ci?

Wouldn’t that not prevent trigger firing on the Push (merge to master) itself or does it only apply to PR triggers?

Hello @josephlord-pulse!

You could automatically abort these kind of builds with the rolling build function, so if the “same” build starts from same branch and same workflow, the first one will automatically get aborted.

Or, if you always immediately merge these pull requests to master, then a push trigger would do the trick only I think.