Ability to disable a step temporarily without deleting it

It would be great to be able to disable a build step without having to delete it.

For example, if my code coverage step is failing because of a build error and I don’t have time to fix it but I still want the rest of the steps to complete and show the build as a success I want to be able to disable that code coverage step. Currently, as far as I can see, I would need to delete the step which means I may lose the config I have set up.

Hi @katiebarnett!

You can actually disable and enable steps based on conditions: Enabling or disabling a Step conditionally | Bitrise DevCenter

But in the situation you describe, you should just set other subsequent steps of the workflow, to run if a previous step failed, this way the build will complete automatically :slight_smile: This can be done with a toggle on the top of each step’s settings.

Great, thanks. I will give that a go.

It would be great if the disabled state could be reflected in the UI. I have added the run_if false flag in the yml file but it is not shown in the UI.

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