Deactivate single steps

Description of the feature request

Currently there is no option to disable specific steps. You have to delete the steps and re-add it if you want it again. All settings needs to be done again.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Initial upload of aab or apk file is not possible by “play deploy step” it needs to be done manually. so we want to deactivate it for the first builds and activate it again, after play store entry is available.

i can imagine that there are some other use cases…

Hi @mgursch! Thanks for the request, it would make sense for this to be on the UI perhaps, but there is actually already a way to do what describe, please see:

thanks for your reply - yes, it would be really helpful to handle this in workflow ui

Yeah, nice tutorial.
Seems run_if: false meet my requirement.


- script:
    run_if: false
    - content: |-
        echo "This will never run, because of run_if:false"


But I really want to it has UIs that shows at the workflow editor.


Actually a duplicate of Allow disabling a step in the workflow

But this would be really useful to be able to do via the Workflow Editor directly.

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