Xcode Test for iOS not able to run on Rosetta simulator

When adding the “arch=x86_64” to the Device destination specifier it does not forward that option to the xcodebuild command

set -o pipefail && xcodebuild "-workspace" "/Users/vagrant/git/ITVHub.xcworkspace" "-scheme" "ITVHub-iOS" "test" "-destination" "id=60972D7F-DECC-4B38-94D4-052680D9C425" "-testPlan" "All-UnitTests-iOS" "-resultBundlePath" "/var/folders/69/qgnyrbkx23dbp0p6p_b6bc9m0000gn/T/XCUITestOutput175115758/Test-ITVHub-iOS.xcresult" "-xcconfig" "/var/folders/69/qgnyrbkx23dbp0p6p_b6bc9m0000gn/T/3797884563/temp.xcconfig" | xcpretty "--color" "--report" "html" "--output" "/Users/vagrant/deploy/xcode-test-results-ITVHub-iOS.html"

I believe arch specifier only available for Xcode 14.3.x onwards as I tried with prior versions within Bitrise and it couldn’t find it. It make sense when you look under your local’s Xcode, arch selector only available starting with Xcode 14.3.x