Xcode-Archive : failed to unmarshal scheme file

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Description of the issue

Usecase (workflow) : Build and Deploy a build on Testflight (iOS).
My workflow was working well, but then, after upgrading xcode to 12.1version, the workflow didn’t work anymore at this step : xcode-archive and I’m getting this following error on the bitrise dashboard :

Failed to open project: /Users/vagrant/git/ios/App.xcworkspace: could not get scheme (App) from path (/Users/vagrant/git/ios/App.xcworkspace): failed to unmarshal scheme file: /Users/vagrant/git/ios/App.xcodeproj/xcshareddata/xcschemes/App-tvOS.xcscheme, error: XML syntax error on line 24: element < BuildActionEntries> closed by</ BuildAction>

Config for xcode archive step:


  • ExportMethod: app-store
  • UploadBitcode: false
  • CompileBitcode: false
  • ICloudContainerEnvironment:
  • TeamID:
  • UseDeprecatedExport: false
  • ForceTeamID:
  • ForceProvisioningProfileSpecifier:
  • ForceProvisioningProfile:
  • ForceCodeSignIdentity:
  • CustomExportOptionsPlistContent:
  • OutputTool: xcpretty
  • Workdir: /Users/vagrant/git
  • ProjectPath: ./ios/App.xcworkspace
  • Scheme: App
  • Configuration:
  • OutputDir: /Users/vagrant/deploy
  • IsCleanBuild: false
  • XcodebuildOptions:
  • DisableIndexWhileBuilding: true
  • ExportAllDsyms: true
  • ArtifactName: App
  • VerboseLog: true
  • CacheLevel: swift_packages

If you have any ideas or suggestion, maybe I’m forgetting something in the workflow configuration because of xcode 12.1… Thanks for the help.


Where did the issue happen?

On Bitrise.io

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

The step which is failing is xcode-archive with both 2.x.xand 2.8.x versions.


The issue appear afte upgrading Xcode to latest version 12.1? It appears that the archive directly from xcode and then upload to testflight works well, but not within bitrise.

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