XCode 15.x / Rosetta 2 emulated

Are there any plans to add a stack that supports XCode 15 and Rosetta 2 emulation?

I’m not seeing any, and now we’re stuck on building with XCode 14 because our project depends on third party libraries that have no ios-arm64-simulator support (and they are not likely to get updated any time soon).

Hi @BarryHaanstra,

Apple dropped support of Rosetta 2 with Xcode with 14.3. This is the reason why we stopped delivering Rosetta 2 stacks with Xcode 14.2.

Have a nice day!

Hello @BarryHaanstra,

Have you managed to discover a solution for the mentioned issue?

I’m exploring the possibility of configuring our project similarly to how we do it in Xcode, selecting a simulator running under Rosetta 2. This would allow us to build for iOS 17 SDK and Xcode 15.

@BalazsIlsinszki, any insights or solutions on this? :slight_smile:


Hi @fabiola.werneck,

Maybe this section can provide some directions on using simulators with Rosetta 2.

But first I would suggest checking Apple’s Rosetta 2 deprecation notes for Xcode 14.3 version.

Have a nice day!