Xcode 14.3.x Edge stack update - 2023-06-06 - Apple Silicon Only

The Xcode 14.3.x with edge updates stack has been updated.

Notable changes:

  • Xcode 14.3.1 has been upgraded to the GA version (build number 14E300c)
  • macOS has been upgraded to 13.4 Ventura (from 13.2 Ventura)
  • The default Go version has been upgraded to 1.20.4. Go 1.19.9 is also installed.
  • The default Node.js version has been upgraded to 20.2.0. Node.js 18.16.0 is also installed.

Known issues

  • The iPhone 8 simulator device is no longer available on this stack. We are working on defining new default devices across all stacks. In the meantime, check out the full system report for the list of available simulator devices.

System report:

:warning: Reminder: Ruby 2.x versions will soon be removed from the stacks . Review your workflows and upgrade to the latest Ruby version.

More info about Bitrise stack policies:

Happy Building! :rocket:

Hello, would you mind sharing how you were able to install iOS17 simulator destinations on your 14.3.1 build 14E300c of xcode? It looks like this shouldn’t be supported?

Would love to get this setup on our local machines to match bitrise, thanks!

Hey @rob.wyland :wave:

Both Xcodes (15.0 Beta, 14.3.1) are installed to the same VM, so the system reports see all installed runtimes (even though Xcode 14.3.1 won’t be able to use the iOS 17 runtime).

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