Xcode 15.3.x with iOS 17.5

Hello everyone! :wave:

We are currently having two workflows setup in Bitrise:

  • Xcode 15.3, and
  • Xcode 15.2

We noticed this morning that you added iOS 17.5 runtime on the virtual machine that runs Xcode 15.3 (documentation here: Xcode 15.3 | Bitrise Stacks), and we were wondering if that’s correct.

Our expectation is that for Xcode 15.3 to run with the maximum iOS 17.4 runtime and not benefit from newer versions of iOS as they are released. For example, Xcode 15.2 stacks are running with the maximum iOS 17.2 runtime.

This is at least what we understood from the Stack Update Policy (Stack update policy - Bitrise Docs).