Xcode Beta 7 now available

Xcode 15 Beta 7 is now available on the Xcode 15.0.x with edge updates stack, as well as on the Xcode Edge stack.

Notable changes

  • Xcode 15 Beta 7 is available, replacing Beta 6.
  • macOS has been upgraded from 13.4 to 13.5
  • Ruby 3.1.3 has been temporarily removed because of build failures. Ruby 3.1.4 is still installed, we recommend using that version or the version alias 3.1.
  • Android SDK packages platform-33 and platform-34 are now preinstalled

System report:

More info about Bitrise stack policies:

Happy Building! :rocket:

Hi team, Why did you remove the iOS 16.4 simulator runtime from the Edge Stack? Do you plan to add it in a future update?

Hey @koichi.tanaka, the iOS 16.4 runtime was just a side effect of having Xcode 14.3 on the same VM. Now we separated the two Xcodes into separate VMs, that’s why the iOS 16.4 runtime is not available.

I suggest using the “Xcode 14.3 with edge updates” stack when targeting iOS 16.4, this stack ships with Xcode 14.3 and all of its sim runtimes, plus the latest tooling updates.

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