Xcode 14 Release Candidate availability?

When will Xcode 14 RC be available on Bitrise M1 stacks?


Additionally, it would be really great if the Xcode 14 stack would start including Transporter.app as a pre-installed application due to Apple removing iTMSTransporter from Xcode and only distributing it via Transporter moving forward: Unable to upload to testflight using Xcode 14 beta 路 Issue #20371 路 fastlane/fastlane 路 GitHub

Having it pre-installed would allow fastlane folks to implement the workaround listed in the ticket.


You can keep an eye on the Stack Change Log here for updates

[FYI] Updates for the transporter.app missing on Xcode14 issue:

Fastlane has released a new stable version to replace the transporter app with the new altool app: Version bump to 2.210.0 by joshdholtz 路 Pull Request #20660 路 fastlane/fastlane 路 GitHub
And since the Deploy to App Store Connect with Deliver step will automatically use the latest stable version of Fastlane, if the value of the optional 鈥榝astlane_version鈥 parameter is not changed, this issue should be solved for now.

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