Xcode 13.4.x stacks prompts for entering keychain password

My CI pipeline begins failing after switching to the new Xcode 13.4.x stack. It was working before when it was on Xcode 13.2.x stack.

My build fails consistently at fastlane match.

When building with “Remote access”, I find that macOS would prompt to ask for password in multiple places.

I was able to capture one case:

This issue in the screen shot is… it’s asking for password to get access to keychain when calling security import (last line in the log).

Once I hit “Cancel” in the screen sharing window, the build continues.

This issue does not exist once I switch back to Xcode 13.2.x stack



My builds started stalling when I switched to the latest Xcode 13.4.x stack, what you found is probably exactly why. I reverted back to 13.3.x

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