Xcode 13.2 may fail at exportArchive: IPA processing failed

Xcode 13.2 creates builds that may contain duplicate dependencies, causing the export to fail. This can be viewed by:

  1. downloading the YourPackage.xcarchive.zip from a failed build
  2. unzipping
  3. right-clicking and choosing Show Package Contents on the .xcarchive
  4. opening Products → Applications within the package
  5. right-clicking and choosing Show Package Contents on YourPackage.app
  6. opening the Frameworks folder
  7. then expanding the individual .framework folders to look for duplicates. The duplicates are contained within Frameworks sub-folders inside of the .framework

Example (unnecessary duplicates in red):

It can also be viewed in the Build folder after locally building with Xcode 13.2. I was able to reproduce on my x86 Mac Mini running Xcode 13.2 on Monterey. This bug is not listed in the release notes for Xcode 13.2 or 13.3.

Solution: Build with Xcode 13.3, even though Bitrise warns that 13.3 VMs use Monterey and Monterey VMs may be slower.

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