Xamarin Archive ios & Android

I’ve created a workflow. In it I have a Xamarin Archive taking place after a NuGet Restore. I have set it up so the Specify project types to build field says android, ios (also tried ios, android). The Xamarin Configuration variable is set to Any CPU. From other forum questions I saw this was how you could build both Android and iOS with one Xamarin Archive.

I thought iOS building because I was getting a bunch of errors with the iOS project each time it would run. After fixing those errors I know am failing on my HockeyApp Deploy because there is no IPA path.

I’ve looked at the log and now my iOS project is no where in the log (I changed no settings to the workflow only adjusted my iOS project so the errors would not occur). Now it seams to just build my Android project (successfully).

Since iOS isn’t building there is no IPA path and my HockeyApp Deploy fails.

Please let me know if you have heard of this before or if there is some obvious reason why this is failing.


Hi @joshua.tanton!

Thanks for contacting us! Could you send as an URL to your build so we can see what’s happening there exactly?


So I think I know why iOS wasn’t building.

So first I had an error you can find here

you see it says ‘AuthTest …’
This was entered in my iOS.csproj file’s first PropertyGroup as
But I didn’t see it anywhere else in the project and I didn’t add that. I assumed it was old code from a previous developer. So I removed it to see what would happen. (Since getting this to build on bitrise is very trial and error).

Removing just that tag gave me this error here
You can see it says the same thing but with a different value. This is the value within the tag. Anyways, just to see if it would work I removed the entire propertygroup. and I was able to build after doing so. So I figured I would try the workflow again. That’s when I came across my originally reported error. Which makes sense now. Now that I reopen the project it no longer recognizes the project as an iOS project. I’ve rolled back the changes. But I’m still stuck with my original problem shown in the first link in this post.

Please let me know what causes this if you know. I can build fine.


@bitce Any luck looking in to this yet?

Hello there!
I would recommend removing the references, as it is referenced here:

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