Build Error - Missing IPA file when building to hockey app

Hockey app deploy fail due to a missing IPA file path. Using standard vars


  • IPAPath:
  • DSYMPath:
  • APIToken: xxxxxxxxxx
  • AppID: xxxxxxx
  • Notes: Deploy with Bitrise HockeyApp Deploy Step.
  • NotesType: 0
  • Notify: 1
  • Status: 2
  • Mandatory: true
  • Tags:
  • CommitSHA: xxxxxxxx
  • BuildServerURL:
  • RepositoryURL:
    Issue with input: no IPAPath parameter specified
    | |
    | x | hockeyapp-deploy@2.4.0 (exit code: 1) | 5.68 sec |

Missing the IPA file to send to hockey app but the build is passing and using the standard vars ?

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Hi @ruaan,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

The issue here is that you don’t have any step in your workflow which would generate an IPA for deploy.

If this is a Xamarin project please use the Xamarin Archive, otherwise use the Xcode Archive step to generate a signed IPA which then can be deployed. The Archive step have to be before the deploy step in the workflow, as the deploy steps use the output (IPA in this case) of the archive step(s).

You can also find a couple of deployment tutorials on our DevCenter, e.g.:

If you have any questions, just let us know!

Hi Team, Similar to the above error, get the below in our workflow even after the API Token is declared and defined in the secrets.

Issue with input: no API Token parameter specified

  1. API Token has the variable assigned and the value of the variable is defined in secrets.


  • IPAPath: /Users/vagrant/deploy/xxx.ipa
  • DSYMPath: /Users/vagrant/deploy/
  • APIToken:
  • AppID:
  • Notes: Git tag: Bitrise/Pull Request Builder/true/xxx/123
    Pull Request: 123
    Branch name: xxx
  • NotesType: 0
  • Notify: 2
  • Status: 2
  • Mandatory: false
  • Tags:
  • CommitSHA: xxx
  • BuildServerURL:
  • RepositoryURL:
    Issue with input: no APIToken parameter specified
    | |
    | x | hockeyapp-deploy@2.4.3 (exit code: 1)

Please assist.

@viktorbenei could you please check this?

@sowjanya-gurajada-Mi can you please send us an URL to the build and allow Support Access?

Hi Team/@bitce ,

This issues seems to be intermittent but doesn’t know the root cause yet.
All of a sudden our pull request workflows fail with the above error at step hockeyapp-deploy-android@1.2.2 (exit code: 1) | 3.01 sec |
| Issue tracker: … |
| Source:

And after multiple retries, at some point it succeeds.

API Token have access to all apps.
Also, there are 2 workflows: Daily build and pull request.
The same API token works fine for daily build at this step while fails for pull request workflow.

Please assist.
Let me know if needed anything else.

@sowjanya-gurajada-Mi Do you have the API Token secret exposed for pull requests?

Hi Team, yes it is enabled for PR.
As said, it started working now without any changes :slight_smile:
My doubt is that 1. if assume that the expose for Pull requests is not enabled, how can the pull requests the workflow succeed so far 2. And it fails all of a sudden and starts working without anyone doing any changes.

I don’t have answers for these question and I’m trying to figure it.

We’re happy to help you figure this out, preferably in a different #issues thread or on our on-site chat, as it might not be entirely related to this one!

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