Will transferring apps to an organization break my external integrations?

Right now I have a personal account (“Developer” plan). I want to upgrade to “Org Standard”, but apparently that requires that I create an organization and transfer my apps to it.

However, I have some external integrations with Bitrise. Will the transfer break them?

For instance:

  • Will I need to do anything to fix the Github web hooks (for PRs)?
  • I’m using the Bitrise API for automation - will the slug of the apps change?
  • Will my Bitrise API token still be valid, or will I have to create a new one?

Hi @pixitebot!

Thanks for raising these questions! The transfer basically should not break anything.

Webhooks will remain in tact, although you should make sure that the connected services user is the same!

The slugs remain and your personal access token is tied to your account so as long so whether it’s still valid depends on the time of expiration you’ve chosen only, this process does not effect it at all!

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