How to create an app via API into the Workspace not my user place

Hi, I’m working with the bitrise Api and looking to create a new app into the company workplace not my user profile

I need to know how to authenticate like the owner account not my personal user.

I’m using this API method

curl -X POST -H ‘Authorization: token’ ‘’ -d
“project_type”: “android”,
“stack_id”: “linux-docker-android-20.04”,
“config”: “default-android-config”,
“mode”: “manual”,
“organization_slug”: “company_slug”

in the field organization_slug I’m putting the company slug but always is being created into my profile space.

Could you please help me?

Hi @seba.cipolat, sorry to hear about the issue! Could you paste the slug you’re using here?

Hi @bitce I’m facing the same issue.
I am creating the app from my local machine and it works fine and creates the app in the org account, but when i run the script in bitrise it creates the app in my personal account.

I tried using the swagger UI to test the api, it doesn’t take the “organization_slug” parameter when i try to run it. “

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