Will moving a repository to an organization break a step?


I created the Cake Script step a few days ago. It got picked up by the CakeBuild organisation, and they now contacted me with the question to “donate” the step to their organisation. Idea of more people will know there is a Bitrise step (good for you guys!) and maintain it there.

They suggested transferring my repository to another private account, then they (admin of github organisation) will move it into the cakebuild organisation.

So basically, what I understand, the link to the repo in the step.yml will be broken, and I think, the step will not work anymore. Correct?

Any suggestions on how to do the transfer, or maybe better to just remove the step, and create a new repo in that organization?

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According to the About repository transfers everything should work unless you create new repository with the same name.

If you create a new repository under your account with the same name as the transferred repository, existing redirects to the transferred repository will break
All links to the previous repository location are automatically redirected to the new location. When you use git clone, git fetch, or git push on a transferred repository, these commands will redirect to the new repository location or URL. However, to avoid confusion, we strongly recommend updating any existing local clones to point to the new repository URL.

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Depends. There’s a first level protection against this, that if you use our official StepLib we do have a primary mirror for every step, so in most cases bitrise (CLI) won’t even do a git clone, it’ll just download the step from the mirror (Amazon S3) right now, and it’ll only fall back to do a git clone if that download fails.

That said, we do have regular checks for broken git clones, as it’s really important to have at least two “download” sources, for reliability.

If the transfer is managed quickly (preferably less than 24h) it shouldn’t cause any issue - especially if you just transfer it on GitHub, as GitHub can handle redirects quite well, both for the website and for git clone.

But once the transfer is done, please send us a PR (into the StepLib repo - https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise-steplib) with replacing the URLs with the new ones!

Correct. This should work if there’s no name collision during the transfers, and AFAIK GitHub can handle multiple redirects, when you transfer the repo from one user to another, then you transfer it to another user or org.

Definitely, and thank you! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for your advice. There is one waiting PR on this step, once this is commited, I will initiate the transfer.

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Let us know if we can help with anything! :wink:

The transfer has been done. The repo has been moved into the Cake organisation. I created a new version and PR of the step to reflect the changes (git urls). Nicely within the 24hrs timeframe :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I think @godreikrisztian will review & merge the PR ASAP (checking it right now) - AFAIK everything seems to be :thumbsup:

For ref. the PR is at:

That seems pretty much alive! Thanks!

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Yep, merged, should be live now :wink: