Cake Build Scripts

From Redth on 2016/03/04 21:37:11 +0000

Cake is a wonderful build automation system with a C# DSL

It would be fantastic to be able to use .cake scripts and invoke them in bitrise.

My specific use case is to build xamarin binding libraries that require a mac, but there are many more interesting use cases too!

Copied from original feature request:

If everything goes well, Cake Build scripts are alive!


Further on this, once accepted, would it be an idea to update the project scanner?
Meaning, when using a .cake script, you don’t want the current Xamarin workflow, but just a workflow with GIT pull and the CakeBuild workflow step.
Is this something @bitrise-support would like to support?

I think it’s definitely a good idea, although it might require some additional discussion, to figure out all the edge cases (code signing etc.)

@godreikrisztian & @tamaspapik what do you think?

Basically, before the step was available, I was choosing the Xamarin scanner result, then aborted the build, removed all the steps, included the Script step, and executed the Cake script. I would think .cake will be used for building libraries, and not apps (although this is possible to do).

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@stefandevogelaere sure, not a problem, the scanner can generate multiple valid configuration. In that case the user will see both as an option, and will be able to select the one s/he wants.

We do this for fastlane for example, where if the scanner generates a fastlane config it’ll present a fastlane option, but you’ll see a standard iOS/Android config too and you can choose whether you want a fastlane config or an iOS/Android one (as fastlane does not affect the iOS/Android project, it’s “just” a runner, similar to our CLI).

Ok, that will be the next PR to figure out then :slight_smile:

In the meantime, can we close this topic, as the feature request now has been implemented?
(can I tweet about it?)

Sure, I’ll drop a 12h auto close on it :wink:

Just kept it open for the discussion. After the close just create a new one, and reference this one (as you won’t be able to add comments here anymore).

Absolutely, we love tweets! :wink:

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