Webhook slash command is failing when called

When I use the URL https://hooks.bitrise.io/h/slack/b2dd.../
I’m getting the following error when calling a webhook in Postman

Failed to transform the webhook: Failed to parse the request/message: Missing required parameter: either ‘command’ or ‘trigger_word’ should be specified

When I use URL https://hooks.bitrise.io/h/passthrough/b2d.../
I’m getting another error

trigger pattern did not match any defined mapping: no matching workflow found with trigger params: push-branch: master, pr-source-branch: , pr-target-branch: , tag:

What’s wrong?

PS: I was reading this, but haven’t found an answer https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise-webhooks#slack---setup--usage

should be used in another context.

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Hi @alexander.g, sorry for glancing over this! Glad to hear you’ve found the answer quickly! :slight_smile:

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