Virtual Device Testing and Wi-fi

Hey guys,

I have a couple integration tests that use Wi-Fi. The Android Emulator User guide states that emulators that use an AVD with API level 25 or higher provides a simulated Wi-Fi access point, so I changed the device configuration on the VDT step, but no luck. While they work in a local emulator, they fail in Bitrise.

Is this a limitation of the VDT step, or some issue with Firebase Test Lab?

Thanks in advance!

Devices on FTL used by VDT are not emulators.
What problem do you want to solve?

I see. Some of our tests use Wi-Fi capabilities, so without it, they fail. I can ignore them for now, but it may be a limitation for tests of this nature (I also had some failing tests that use the FusedLocation API, but it seems that the device’s location setting is set to battery saving mode).

Hi @dicksson.oliveira!

@koral, is completely right, this is one of the highest requested features for FTL but they do not support Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection at the moment.

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