Using Intel Machines After Transitioning To Apple Silicon

Bitrise is deprecating Intel macOS build machines and transitioning our customers to Apple silicon build machines. The migration happens in three phases:

  1. We notify you about your Workspaces’s migration date via multiple emails. We recommend you start migrating your Workflows to Apple silicon and testing them ahead of the migration date.
  2. From the date of your Workspaces’ migration, we will automatically switch your builds from Intel machines to Apple silicon machines. However, you can opt to extend the use of Intel machines for a grace period of another two weeks after the initial date with a simple toggle in your Workspace settings.
  3. After the grace period of two weeks, you will no longer be able to extend the use of Intel machines. If you still need to keep using Intel machines to run builds, you’ll need to reach out to our support.

Automatic override of Intel machines

Your team will be contacted directly, via email, with your migration date. From that date, all your Bitrise builds will run on Apple silicon machines. This requires no action from the customers: when a build is triggered, we will parse the bitrise.yml file of the app and override the machine type if it is set to an Intel machine, replacing it with an equivalent Apple silicon machine.

The bitrise.yml won’t be modified. Our system automatically overrides the build machine without modifying your configuration file.

The logic works the same way regardless of where you store your bitrise.yml file: on Bitrise or in your repository.

If you want to use a different Apple silicon machine than the one the system automatically selected for you, you can do it normally:

  1. Open the Workflow Editor.
  2. Go to the Stacks & Machines tab.
  3. Choose the available Apple silicon machine you want.

Extending the use of Intel machines

If you need to keep using Intel machines after your migration date, you can do so. For a grace period of two weeks, we’ve provided a simple toggle on the UI to make sure you can run your builds on Intel machines without problems while getting ready for the full transition.

The setting works on a Workspace level: extending the use of Intel machines for a Workspace means you can use Intel machines for all apps owned by that Workspace.

The setting is available for two weeks. If you need to keep using Intel machines afterwards, reach out to our support.

  1. Log in to Bitrise with an account that is an owner of the Workspace.
  2. Go to Workspace settings: open the account selector dropdown menu in the top right corner, and click the gear icon next to the Workspace name.

  1. On the Workspace settings page, find and select the Apps menu on the left.
  2. On the top of the Apps page, find the Extend using deprecated machine types option and toggle it on.

Hi @zoltanbaba thanks for the great information!

I went to check my account (as an owner) and I do not see the option to extend using deprecated machine types. We have been given notice that our support will end on June 5th. We need a little more time for further testing before we can fully move our stack. :pray: thank you for your time.

via our DevOps account


You should see the option from 14:00 UTC today, as that is your migration date. You will be able to extend Intel usage with the toggle only after the migration date happens :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!