Transitioning from Apple Intel to Apple Silicon: Helpful Links

This topic will provide a list of helpful links to our developer document center for transitioning your mobile app development from an Apple Intel machine to the new Apple Silicon machine. The links include:

  1. Using Intel machines after transitioning to Apple silicon - The link includes information about how the migration happens, the automatic overriding of Intel machines, and extending the use of Intel machines.

  2. Bitrise doc on all things Apple Silicon - This link provides information on Bitrise infrastructure build stacks for Apple Silicon M1 stacks.

  3. Specific Bitrise Transitioning instructions - This link provides specific instructions for transitioning to Apple Silicon from Intel-based stacks.

  4. Migrating all your apps from Intel to M1 with the Bitrise API - This link provides detailed instructions on how to use our new API endpoints to migrate all apps owned by a single user or Workspace to a different machine type.

  5. Apple article about About the Rosetta Translation Environment - This link provides information about the Rosetta Translation Environment, which is a key feature for running apps built for Intel Macs on Apple M1 Macs.

  6. Apple announcement about App Store submission requirement starts April 25 - This link provides information about the App Store submission requirements that started on April 25, 2021.