Using commit_version_bump fastlane action

Currently, in my fastlane lane that I’m triggering through Bitrise I have the action commit_version_bump. Viewing the logs everything works correctly, but nothing is committed to the repository.

I’m assuming it’s because the git clone is in a ‘detached head’ state.

Wondering how this is handled in other places where you want to commit back to the branch that was checked out during the workflow.

fastlane action docs:

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Hi @lganderson,

Indeed that’s most likely why it happens.

In general our advise is to not to push back from CI into the repository. For more details about why, and if you really really need it how you can still push back please see: Intermittent build failures to execute push_to_git_remote & how to manage build number

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :slight_smile: