How to commit updated AppInfo.plist after being updated by "Set Xcode Project Build Number" step


I have a step incrementing AppInfo.plist with new build number, I would like to commit this change to GitHub.
I added a Script Step with these commands:

git add $BITRISE_SOURCE_DIR/Sources/Classes/Applications/Info.plist
git commit -m ‘Updated App Build Version’

But It doesn’t work.

Do you have an idea why?



What’s the error? Why do you think “it doesn’t work”?

P.S.: git commit won’t push it back to the repository, you have to git push it.

One more note: to be able to push back into the repository:

  1. You have to make sure that the SSH key (the one you can see on the Settings tab of the app on have write access to the repository. If you used the default automatic SSH key registration, the key is registered as read-only, and you’ll have to delete it and add it again as a read-write key.
  2. Make sure that you’re on a branch in your build. If a build is triggered by a code push / commit, you won’t be on a branch, that specific commit will be checked out. This is to prevent the build to clone another commit, e.g. if you’d push another commit to the same branch before the build could clone the commit it was started with. You can find more information about this at: Intermittent build failures to execute push_to_git_remote & how to manage build number

Wouldn’t this trigger a new bitrise workflow? Never-ending deploys… :roll_eyes:

@asafusan depends on your config but yes it probably would. To prevent that commit that change with a “CI skip” commit hash pattern:

If you want to skip a specific commit, to not to start a build, all you have to do is to include either [skip ci] or [ci skip] in the commit message.


Hi, Viktor!
I’ve tried including both [ci skip] and [skip ci] in my commit messages, but it still seems to trigger the workflow build.

fix: [ci skip] changelog update by Bitrise

Could this be because I am pushing this commit to current PR branch? Does PR workflow work any different in case of [skip ci]?

Ok, I found the solution. I should include [ci skip] into my PR’s title or description. :slight_smile:

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