Upload build to Appstore: Unable to authenticate. (-19209)

Description of the issue

Sometimes (very often) I cannot upload an ios binary to AppStore Connect


Where did the issue happen?

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?
Deploy to iTunes Connect - Application Loader 1.3.x (latest)


Often, could be about 5 failed to one uploaded build.


I use valid p8 key and I can see in logs that this key is used for AppStore connection.
But sometimes uploading finished with the error “Unable to authenticate. (-19209)”. Other time it could be uploaded successfully.
I could not find anything about this error code, but usually all the uploading issues are resolving by the Xcode restarting.


Could you provide a build url and enable support access? Or if you would prefer, open a ticket with support and provide this information!


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