Updating ‘REPOSITORY URL’ via api call

Is there a way to update ‘REPOSITORY URL’ via api call?


You can find info on the Bitrise API here. At this time, you cannot update the REPOSITORY URL using the API. The best you could do would be to add a new app with the new REPOSITORY URL. For info on adding an app using the API, please see this guide.

I got it. Thank you.

Is there plan to add this functionality(updating ‘REPOSITORY URL’ via api call) in future?

It will be useful at least in the following scenario when integrate AWS CodeCommit with Bitrise:
If I rotate ssh key programatically I can update a private ssh key on Bitrise via Bitrise Swagger UI. But in AWS a new added ssh key has a new ‘SSH key ID’. ‘SSH key ID’ is a part of ‘REPOSITORY URL’ but there is no any api to update this url, unfortunately.

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