Update Carthage to 0.37.0


When are you planning to update Carthage to version 0.37.0?


Hi @mathiasmo! :wave:

I double-checked and I see that our Xcode 12.4.x stack still has carthage: 0.36.0
I reached out to our Infra team to see when this would be updated.

Could you please confirm in the meantime which stack you’d be using?

I’ll update this thread as soon as I have more info regarding the update. :blush:




Thank you for the fast response!

We’re using the Xcode 12.4.x stack and we’re looking to use Carthage 0.37.0 which were released a few days ago. 0.37.0 is the first version that supports XCFrameworks, but we’re blocked from adopted this until Bitrise supports the newest Carthage version.

Hi @cskata :slight_smile:

I see the Xcode 12.4.x stack is still using Carthage 0.36.0.
Do you have an update on when it’ll be updated to use Carthage version 0.37.0?


I would like an update on this too. It is critical as XCFrameworks support is not available in 0.36.0.

In the meantime we used:

    brew unlink carthage
    brew install --HEAD carthage

In a script step before our Carthage step


Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your patience!

Our Infra team just confirmed that our brew repo version was updated earlier this week, so now it’s quick and easy to update Carthage during builds. Carthage still seems to be v0.36.0 on the stacks, but you can install 0.37.0 by adding this script to your workflow:

brew upgrade carthage

I hope this helps and thanks again for your patience!