Unity3d iOS build too slow, Is there any solution for it


It seems to similar to this topic:

However, in my case, it takes more than 45 min and gets timeout for an xcode build only.

I just make a simple project for a test. the xcode project build takes about 25 minutes in my local machine.

In bitrise, I first start a unity build and upload the generated xcode project to other server, which takes about 30 minutes. Then start another workflow to download generated xcode project and build it, this takes more than 45 minutes in archive generating step.

Is there any solution to fix it or it just need to take so much time? I can upgrade my plan for the 45 minutes time limit but it really takes too much time, which could make it not acceptable.



Thank you for reaching out, that is the general time frame for builds especially if your local build is around 25 minutes. As Viktor pointed out in the article you linked, each build runs on a clean VM.

Please check out this article below to help improve your build time!

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