Unable to connect Apple Develop Portal

I have two Apple Develop Accounts (A B),
Account A was already connected with Apple Develop Portal, and it worked for a couple of months, Then I’m changing it to Account B, and it worked, but when I try to change it back to account A it failed “Error during request”;

Currently, none of my Apple Develop Accounts (A B) can be used to connect “Apple Develop Portal”.
I need to be able to connect account so that I can add the auto-provision step to my workflow, which fails without it. How do I fix this issue?

Hi @Yang, :wave:

Sorry to hear about the issue. Are you still experiencing issues with connecting your Apple Developer account?

If so, could you please send us a screenshot of the error, one of the Console tab to see the error, and one of the Network tab so that we can tell which request failed?

Thank you!

HI Kata,

Bug was fixed, It working!

Thank you!

Hi @Yang,

I am happy to hear that! :tada: Please let us know if you have any further questions, we’d be happy to help. Have a great day! :sunny:

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