Trigger workflow via build-router-start step with providing specific git commit hash

Description of the feature request

Bitrise api allows us easily trigger/abort builds, by providing branch or git commit hash. When it comes to build-router-start step, which triggers builds and awaits them, no possibility to trigger workflow by passing specific commit hash, it uses $BITRISE_GIT_COMMIT env variable.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In some cases we need to trigger workflows from another branch or with certain commit hash. Would be great if we can pass commit hash as a parameter to build-router-start step. Like

  • build-router-start@0:
    - commit: $SPECIFIC_COMMIT
    - workflows: |-
    - wait_for_builds: “true”
    - access_token: $ACCESS_TOKEN

Hello @akniyet :wave:

Thank you for your feature request! :slight_smile: