Using the `build-router-wait` step

I’m following this guide to trigger several workflows with this same trigger :

For context, I’m trying to use multiple Virtual Device Tests (a workflow can only have a single VDT, so I need to run them in parallel).

The guide states in step 5 :

Find the Workflows input of the Step, and add Building and Testing to it.

Unfortunately the latest version of the step doesn’t have a workflows input but has a buildslugs input. I tried using the name of the workflows I want to trigger, but this leeds to an error :

An error occoured: failed to get build info, error: failed to get response, statuscode: 404, body: {“message”:“Not Found”}

So my question is, what should I put inside the BuildSlugs input ?

Bitrise Start Build step exports environment variable: ROUTER_STARTED_BUILD_SLUGS it is also the default input for Bitrise Wait for Build step.
By default you don’t need to to configure that input manually.

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Oh ok, didn’t undesrtand that I had to use the Start Build Step before :confused: I feel dumb

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