Trigger pull request build for all supported events


Description of the feature request

The Pull Request Trigger currently only appears to trigger builds for the open, reopen, and synchronize events, even though webhooks are sent for other events. For greater workflow flexibility, it would be great if you would trigger builds for all the events or to let users choose the events to build on. For example, GitHub Actions allows the following:

    types: [assigned, opened, synchronize, reopened]

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I currently have two use cases:

  • build and distribute an app when a pull request is marked as ready for review, to allow the reviewer to run the built app.
  • build and distribute an app when a specific label has been applied to the pull request, to allow QA to test the built app.


I’m going to clarify, when I said that “GitHub Actions allows the following” I meant the following format (specifying the events to fire on) rather than the events I listed themselves. They fire on 15 different pull request events, as per