What events trigger a "pull request" trigger?

Hello, I’d like to know what events specifically trigger the “pull request” trigger?

The Bitrise documentation on triggers says the following:

You can set up a trigger so that every time a pull request is opened from a specified source branch to a specified target branch of your repository, a build is automatically triggered on Bitrise.

I have a trigger to run on pull requests using the wildcard filter for source and target branches.

However when I look at my builds history, I see that there are multiple builds for the same pull request, on the workflow bound to PRs in the trigger map.

Why is that? Is it not supposed to only run on opening pull requests, as the documentation states? If so, I should only have one build for each PR, right? Since one PR can only be opened once.

Are there other, undocumented events for this trigger?


Hey @nathan.salaun

It would be good if you can describe the current behaviour and expected behaviour. From the above response, these are unclear :slight_smile:

When I create a Pull Request Trigger from the Bitrise UI, I expect builds to trigger only when a new pull request is opened. When I push new commits, I don’t expect new builds to trigger (according to the documentation I quoted in my OP).

Instead, when I create a pull request, I see one build trigger but then I see other builds that are triggered when the PR branch is pushed to.

Do PR Triggers include new commits to the PR and/or the base branch?

Thanks @nathan.salaun for clarifying.

It is intended that pushing new commits to the newly created PR will trigger builds. New commits mean that there is a change the code state and users may want to assess if the new state is mergeable or not.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, we will soon be introducing more controls for PR triggers which might help you configure it as per your liking.

Okay I see, thank you for your answer!