Github Triggers on Branch creation

Description of the feature request

Current webhook triggers cover branch push, pull request and tag creation. Is it possible to add branch creation?

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Github protected branch doesn’t allow pattern when specifying which branch to protect. I want to trigger bitrise workflow(which call github api to protect branch and administer the new branch), when branch with certain name pattern is created.


Hi @fchristysen,

Just to be sure, the build is triggered correctly after you open the branch and push a commit to the branch, right?

Your request is that a build should be triggered for a new branch even if there’s no new commit on it, did I get it right?

Hi @viktorbenei,
Yes, currently the build is triggered correctly whenever theres commit to certain branch.

While my request is for enabling new event in Triggers section, whenever there’s new branch creation.

@viktorbenei Just recently Github updates their branch protection feature, and now they allow pattern for specifying which branch to protect.
So the use case isn’t relevant anymore.

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@fchristysen Thanks for following up on this! That’s kind of a good news in this case.:slightly_smiling_face:

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