Throttle mobile connection for Xcode testing

As we all know one of the realities of building mobile apps is dealing with suboptimal connections.

It’s simple to toggle the network strength via the Developer option on an iPhone in settings, and simply run the tests there.

However, it would be great to hand this responsibility over to an automated CI process, with maybe an extra workflow that runs the xcuitests “with a throttled connection”, to test the durability of the networking layer against unideal connections (3G, etc.).

I know some testing libraries setup a server within the test process on localhost to mock network responses. So ideally (for me :grin:) this feature would include “throttling” for localhost connections. The library I’m using now is Swifter, and it’s fantastic.

Let me know if you need more details =).

Hy, thank you for the feature request, we will look into it! :upside_down_face:

Sweet! I haven’t seen the option available in other mobile CI solutions so it would be very valuable to my team =)