iOS UI test problems: slow, unreliable, abort for build time

Hi, we have a bunch of UI Tests using Apple’s standard framework & tooling.

If we run them while USA & Europe are asleep, they run fairly reliably and fairly quickly (about 60 mins per device).

If we run them during the USA daytime, they often abort at 90 minutes.

We’re currently on an Elite trial and that has helped with reliability a great deal, though not much with speed. Previously the tests would fail in random places. With Elite they run just like when we run them locally in Xcode Server.

Is there anything we can do to improve things? Is it possible to get more build time to compensate for the slower daytime runtimes? (Note, we’ve tried physical devices, but have had problems getting that to run).

Love the service (and have been paying $150/mth), but a little frustrated … Any help is welcomed!


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