The following Workflows will run after this Workflow

Are these run synchronously in their ordinal order? First runs, finishes, then second?

Or are they run in parallel?

I hope synchronously :wink: If not, feature request please.

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If you’re referring to before_run and after_run workflow chains then yes, synchronously after each other, in the order of the before_run / after_run specifications / tree.

E.g. if you have a workflow with a before_run workflow, which also has a before_run then that will run first - walking through before_runs until there’s no more before_run reference.

You can find more information in the related “Workflow Chaining” docs at:

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Maybe I didn’t explain corrected:

Which these run in order? Or both executed at some time, and Bitrise will just wait for both to completing the “After Run” step

That’s exactly what I was referring to -> if you switch to bitrise.yml mode (on the left side of the workflow editor) these are before_run and after_run references :wink:

One more note, if you have the time to test the new “v2” workflow editor locally, on your Mac/Linux, that should visualize the “workflow chain” in a way better way, where you’ll see exactly which workflows and which steps run in which order: