Is it possible to run next workflow conditionally?

According to I can choose a workflow which should be executed after my first workflow finishes.
Is it possible to run the subsequent workflow only if the first one failed?

For steps we have:
- run_if: ".IsBuildFailed"

but is it possible with workflows?

Hi there!

Unfortunately this isn’t entirely possible, and you might be misunderstanding the concept of workflow chaining, in that if you do chain them together, they will run as one united workflow. One after the other, but inside the same build machine.

If I understand correctly you’d like to automatically retry failed builds?

That’s exactly what I was going for :slight_smile:
But maybe with some smarts added to it e.g. if 1 test out of 100 failed I would be able to pass some additional info and rerun only it. That would be something extra though :slight_smile:

Actually that’s what I was going for so that I don’t have to build everything from scratch but can just rerun tests since the app is already compiled.

I see! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to make this happen at the moment, but there’s very related feature request about retrying steps on failures, that might interest you! Retry mechanism on tasks

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