Test run failed to complete

Hi Everyone,

Maybe someone run into this during android instrumentation tests:
Test failed to run to completion. Reason: 'Test run failed to complete. Expected 85 tests, received 9'. Check device logcat for details

All my android instrumentation tests run perfectly locally, but on bitrise sadly i got this error message, every time now. The provided log do not add any clue for me, what could be the problem. I also not find anything useful, when search for this.

Maybe someone has any advice or run into this issue?



I had the same problem with my Android app since 1 week but today all the tests are ok and I don’t know why

If you find the problem can you share it please ?

Well i didn’t find the problem, but all my tests are passed, and i didn’t change anything.

Not for me, I’ve make some fix, but in Bitrise I got again this problem

maybe @tamaspapik has an idea?

it’s ok,

Just in the “debug” of the test step, I just set the “timeout” to 3600 secondes instead of 900 secondes

did anyone have answer?


When I write just before, try to change the value of the “timeout” value in the test step.
In the step “Virtual device testing for Android” in the debug section, you have a value for “timeout” set this value to 3600 secondes

Okay, Thanks!

Hey Guys,

I found out, what cause this, with a real device.

1; connect a real device with usb and start testing
2; wait for the first test to complete
3; simply disconnect the device
4; same error: ‘Test run failed to complete. Expected X tests, received Y’.

After the error all tests are continue running on the device, but it’s disconnected.
I think we have the same situation on firebase test lab.

Have a nice day!


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