Test Report PopUp in Safari


The problem is on the title.

I use Safari in MacOS, et in Bitrise, when a build is finish, I clic on the Test Result button, but now, it open in a PopUp and Safari block her. I’ve to clic on the popup and the message is {“error”:“Internal error”}

For access to the test report page, I have to cilc on the button, clic on the popUp close her because she display the error message, clic again o the test report button, and now I have the firebase page.

This problem appears since this week

Hello again,

The problem still exist.
When you clic on the button for see the Test Result, Safari block the popup


Thanks so much for the report and we are very sorry for the late reply!

Our Website team has been notified and they are currently looking into a possible solution to the issue.
Thanks for your patience! We will follow-up here as soon as the fix is out. :slight_smile:

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This is just a quick note to let you know that our Website team fixed the issue you were experiencing in Safari while trying to open the pop-up for the Test reports feature. Could you please check if it is working as intended on your end as well? Thank you, and again, thank you for your patience! :wink:

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