Test Report Add-on contains no data when tests fail

I’m experiencing strange behaviour from the test report add-on where no information is gathered when the tests in the build fail. The build its self is successful and it an .ipa is generated, but the output for the add-on looks like this:

When I examine a build where my tests have passed, I see the report as expected with a log of all the tests and targets.

In my workflow, I have the “Xcode test for iOS” step followed by the “Deploy to Bitrise.io” and I’ve disabled the Skip this step if the previous fails for the Deploy to Bitrise.io step.

Has anybody else experienced this?

For support:

App: e6e6d29b507cc662
Build id (not working): 72a5abc6d4ffe3fd
Build id (working): 3d2cc93acc5d27a9
Stack: Xcode 11.1

Hi @ndizazzo!

Sorry to hear about this issue, is this persistently happening for you? The Test Reports can not be accessed in this build you’ve pasted as an example because the Deploy step failed to export them. The reason for that, however, seems ambiguous and like it’s related to a website issue that shouldn’t be persistent :thinking:

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