Test name display on UI test (Android)

When I see the test video of Android test I am unable to jump right to the test which failed or which I want to see.

For Example: I have 30 tests and I want to jump to test 24 exactly when it starts, but that isn’t possible in video.

So either show test names at the start or somewhere in the video or give the different video for each test to debug easily.

This will be really useful to users who want to see exactly which test fails and why via the video.

Hi @AsifDev21

Thanks for the #feature-request!

Just to clarify, this is basically about the ‘Virtual Device Testing’ step for Android, right? You’re requesting it to display the “name of the test” during the video? How so, or what would define the name of the test in cases you run the same test on different devices? Do you think ideally you’d have the option in form of an input to provide a name? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes its about ‘Virtual Device Testing

Thanks for showing interest into this.

So basically what happens is,
I have 26 UI tests. Lets say I got error in test number 17 (LoginTest.Java for some UI not present error)
When I get the video of it, I have to see whole video until I get to exact point where the test fails.

So if I have this feature then I can directly jump to the test it failed (LoginTest.java). And check what the issue is and where it is.

How to implement ?

  1. Either the seek bar of the video have some breakpoints in it.
  2. Separate the video into number of tests (23 video for 23 tests) (impractical)
  3. Add details about what test started at what time and the end time. This would be the best way to directly jump right into the failed test.

Thanks for expanding on this!

We have started tracking your request internally, we will discuss and review these options, and we will get back to you on this thread once we have an update we can provide on the topic!