Virutal Device Testing: Test instrumentation process crashed useless

Using the latest Virtual Device Testing step, the summary is quite useless. I have about 60 instrumentation test cases where 1 currently fails:

This shows in the ui:

But there is no link to the crash logs at all.

There is only a test artifacts tab but there the tests are sequentially named so I have no idea to know which log leads me to the failed test unless I read them all one by one.

(your ui says that "New users can only add one image oO to a post)

It would be great if you can link the logs directly or at least show the test number in the overview so I can find where the issue is.

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Hi @PaulW!

Sorry for the huge delay on this and the inconveniences. Would you agree to turn this into a #feature-request post instead? As it’s not entirely a build issue report.