Support yaml paths in selective builds

Description of the feature request

I understand that your selective build feature supports changes to specific files.

In my case I’d like to build when specific values in a yaml / json / XML file changes. So for example, the ‘version’ key in file ‘pubspec.yaml’.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I have a flutter app where the version is in a specific key of pubspec.yaml.

I only want to deploy to play store + testflight when that version changes.

Keying on the whole file isn’t enough because sometimes the file changes because of new dependencies, rather than a version bump.

Thanks! Tool is working out great so far

Glad to hear things are working great!

I will submit this to our feature request database for evaluation. Please understand, we do have quite a few feature requests - as you might imagine! We wish we could implement all of them, but that just isn’t possible! However, we are constantly reviewing and the requests, the impact, the number of requests, etc.