Bitbucket selective builds


Description of the feature request

Add support for selective builds for Bitbucket.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

As a previous closed feature request 6612(can’t comment/re open)
I’m working with monorepo and need to start builds only when the shared or mobile part of my repo has been modified. Right now, I am evaluating through git diff inside a script but it is not efficient since the actual build has been launched and git repository cloned. This wastes resources just to find out that the shared/mobile part of my app has no changes. Which leads to an undefined number of false positive builds failing or doing nothing at all.


Add support for BitBucket to the Selective Builds feature

Hi @jmunoz :wave:

Can you please link to the mentioned previously closed feature request?

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Hi @viktorbenei, sorry I did not added the link before. I updated the request description.



Thanks @jmunoz - I updated the old, closed one to point to this new one :slight_smile: