Support for Multiple App Versions in Ship

Description of the feature request

Make ship expose different app versions (different iOS bundle IDs) for the same build in its interface.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In our workflows, we always produce 3 versions of our iOS application for the same build. All three versions have different bundle IDs and are used by our QA to test the app in different settings (sandbox/preproduction/production).
We would love to use Ship to distribute our app to our testers instead of relying on another tool like MS App Center, however the Ship page only exposes one app per build.
Other app versions with different bundle IDs actually are deployed, and they each correspond to an e-mail and an URL, so they are accessible, but on the Ship web page, only one version appears, and it’s not immediately clear which one it is.
It would be nice if Ship fully supported multiple versions for the same app and they were all accessible from the web page.

Thanks for the #feature-request! Don’t forget to vote for it!