Build Enterprise and App-store versions depending on target

Hi, I have an Xcode project (.xcworkspace) with multiple dependancies and also a Notification Service Extension. Within the project I have 2 targets: one builds the App for Testing and the other one is for the Prod environment. Im trying to build the Testing app with an Enterprise certificate so I can distribute to multiple testing subjects and the Prod version for uploading to the AppStore so I uploaded both certificates to Bitrise. I set up the workflow to so when I push to “Development” branch it builds the Testing app and Master builds the app for App-store.

The problem is that I can build the app successfully for testing but NOT for app-store because there is an issue with the bundle identifier and signing certificates. The enterprise build has a different bundle ID than the app for the app-store.

I tried changing the bundle identifier before archiving the app but its not working… I think it might be because the bundle ID of the Notification Service Extension target is not changing. Is there a way to change the bundle ID of a specif target within the Bitrise workflow?

Thanks in advanced

Hi @Contreras,

What’s the issue? Can you please share more details or a related build URL?