Successful build with timeout code

my latest build has apk attached, but the status is abort due

“Timeout: Build took more than 600 seconds. If you need more time for your builds upgrade your subscription plan.”

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Hi @veon,

Thanks for reporting / asking this here! :slight_smile:

That in-self (that an app/artifact is attached to the build) is completely independent from whether the build was successful. If the artifact was generated and successfully “deployed”, but then a step fails (e.g. cache can’t be uploaded or anything what might happen after an artifact deploy) the artifact will still be attached to the build as it might be useful (e.g. it might be a debug log).

That said, in your specific case (the build you linked) it seems the whole CLI/build process did finish, but it was very close to 10 mins (your current limit), and most likely the timeout happened during the final / hidden steps (final log summarization, ensuring the build’s virtual machine is completely discarded, …). If the actual build is close to 10 mins (the linked one had ~9 mins 40 seconds CLI run time) this might happen, as from a system perspective the “build” is only finished once everything’s acknowledged (logs transferred etc.) and everything what have to be discarded (e.g. the virtual machine) is discarded.

We’ll work on making this better in the future, it’s already on our roadmap, just wanted to share why this might have happened in the linked build.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and if you’d need a bit of a build time bump feel free to ping us through email or the onsite chat, we’re always happy to bump the limit for hobby/indie dev projects.