Step to build dynamic framework?

Hi All,

Keen to know if anyone has successfully got a framework building with Bitrise? It compiles fine locally with my development cert and even in release mode (still uses development cert). Even archives fine too.

I have a bash step with this in it:
xcodebuild clean build -target MyCoolFramework -configuration Release -CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="iPhone Developer: My Name (XXXXXXXXX)"

But I’m still seeing an error relating to code signing:
Check dependencies No signing certificate "iOS Development" found: No "iOS Development" signing certificate matching team ID "YYYYYYYYY" with a private key was found.

Any ideas or advice here?


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Please run codesigndoc and upload all the code signing files it generates, and of course have a Certificate installer step in your workflow. More info in this guide:

Forgot the cert installer. Classic. Thanks!

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No problem at all, thanks for reporting, I’m sure this will help others in the future! :wink: