New development certificates created with every build

I recently switched over to use Bitrise’s automatic code signing flow for iOS, and after a bunch of successful builds, I had this error during the xcode-archive step:

error: Choose a certificate to revoke. Your account has reached the maximum number of certificates. To create a new one, you must choose a certificate to revoke.

Then when I went into my Apple dev account and looked at the list of certificates, I noticed that there are a whole bunch of certificates there with type “Development” and name “Created via API”. I did a quick test and it appears that every Bitrise build creates a new certificate like this. I revoked a bunch of the older ones to get my account back under the limit, and then my builds started succeeding again, but I have no idea if this is expected behavior.

Note that I also have a valid Apple Distribution certificate uploaded to Bitrise; I thought the new auto-signing workflow could just use this certificate, but is that not the case? Any idea if there’s something wrong in my configuration that could lead to a new development certificate getting created with every build?


You can generate Development Certificates on the fly but you will generate 1 for every build which is most likely not desired.

You should upload 1 Development Certificate to Bitrise to avoid this and allow the profiles to be managed automatically.

Thanks, that fixed it! I definitely assumed the distribution certificate would be sufficient, but it was easy enough to make sure bitrise had a dedicated development certificate as well.

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Thanks for the update glad we got you unblocked